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Shipping Information

Standard Shipping

Standard shipping is by postal service (United States Postal Service in the United States; Canada Post in Canada).  This service delivers your order in typically 3-5 business days after order processing in the United States and 1-3 days in Canada.  Please allow 24-48 hours for order processing.

When your order is shipped, ESI will send you an email (using the email address provided with the original order) with the shipment information

Alternate Shipping Option

ESI can ship via courier (UPS, FEDEX, Purolator) at your request.  If you prefer this option, please phone (or email) ESI to request this service  BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER

ESI will take your order over the phone (or respond to your email) and provide you with the (1) Order Reference Number, (2) Item Purchase Total and (3) Shipping Charges.  You can then use the following form to make payment: 

ESI Order Number:

Item Purchase Total (US$):

Make Payment

Shipping Charges (US$):

Upon receipt of your payment we will process your order, and email your shipment information (using the email address provided with the above order).

Warranty Information

ESI Products (as listed on this web site) are warranted for a period of 1 year.  For any products subject to warranty claims, please contact ESI for a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Number prior to shipment to ESI.

Please review the following General Terms and Conditions of Sale for detailed Warranty, License and other information:

ESI General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Please contact ESI if you have any questions regarding these terms.





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