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Interface Products Overview

ESI interface products are a series of assemblies that provide further interface capabilities to our own Embedded Products, or well your own products.

FlexCON E8600

The E8600 is specifically designed as a backplane assembly for the dsCORE E8100 which provides up to 16 I/O Points.

Each of these I/O points can be configured as:

  • Digital In (See IOCON E8630)
  • Analog In (See IOCON E8631)
  • Digital Out (See IOCON E8630)
  • Analog Out
  • Relay Out (Isolated, Source or Sink from separate power source)

The E8600 also has designed in support for the MaxStream 9XStream 900 MHz RF Module, providing built in wireless communications capability.

IOCON E8630 and E8631

The E8630 and E8631 are line interface modules that are footprint compatible with the FlexCON E8600, but can be integrated into any product sub-assembly with line conditioning requirements.

The E8630 provides digital I/O buffering while the E8631 provides 4-20 mA interface conditioning and buffering.

Check back in the near future as we build more information about these products and add them into the list of products you can purchase direct through this website.





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