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dsCORE MCU Solutions

ESI introduces a new Microchip based single board microcomputer solutions
targeted for embedded applications


For Immediate Release: 18 November, 2006

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada:  Embedded Sense, Inc. introduced today a new line of single board computers, based on the new Microchip dsPIC33F line of 16-Bit microcomputers, targeted at OEM applications.  The first in the series of two planned platforms, the dsCORE E8100 is has been released for production and available in pre-production evaluation quantities for qualified customers directly from Embedded Sense, Inc.  Final production versions are planned for release in 1Q 2007.

The dsCORE E8100 is the first single board dsPIC33F solution available in the marketplace.  It combines the advanced processing capabilities and flexible architecture of the dsPIC33F with all necessary input and output buffers, communications drivers and a high current, filtered and regulated power supply.  The dsCORE E8100 includes dual CAN drivers and dual software selectable RS-232/RS-485 drivers, a choice of 8 or 16 analog input buffers, 8 PWM output channels and up to 56 discrete I/O points all in a package the size of a credit card.

According to Frank Gerlach, President of Embedded Sense, the dsCORE E8100 is “a one-step solution to that reduces design risk to zero, while shortening development cycles and accelerating time to market for any product”.

Although well suited for integration into many product categories, the dsCORE E8100 will certainly be of particular interest to developers of M2M, Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, Energy Management, Wireless, Data Collection, Asset Management and Security products due to it’s leading edge processing power and highly flexible communications and Input/Output options.

The dsCORE E8100 is priced in single unit quantities at US$199, with price discounts applied to quantity purchases.  Production licenses are available for high volume production requirements. 

Embedded Sense, Inc. (ESI) is a premier technology partner specializing in leveraging embedded processing, interface, sensing and wireless expertise into product solutions for global customers in the military, industrial/commercial and medical markets.  ESI also provides selected technologies which are targeted as product building blocks for the OEM market through a subsidiary B2B website located at WWW.ESIPCB.COM.


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